Whether this is your first venture into renting or your a veteran tenant we're sure you've heard of many horror stories. The vast majority of Landlords are decent, fair and want their tenants to live in a safe, healthy, happy environment at a reasonable market rent. Our lettings team have a wealth of experience and local knowledge to ensure that you find the right property and have a problem free tenancy.

In our experience the majority of problems that occur between Landlords and Tenants are the result of a lack of communication and formalised agreement between parties. Please be assured that professional, respectable Landlords will use professional, respectable agents like Castle Residential and we are on hand to make sure that both tenants and landlords know their responsibilities and our tenancies run smoothly.

We will ensure the communication between you and your Landlord will be good. They will let you know what you should do in an emergency, ensure that what is agreed is formalised properly in a Tenancy Agreement.

The Tenancy Agreement should be drafted specifically for your tenancy and include the following basic information; what property you are renting, what rent and deposit you are to pay, who will be holding the deposit and who is responsible for all the bills payable at the property. The Landlord usually pays ground rent, service charges, mortgage charges and insurance for their property (but not your personal effects). Tenants are usually responsible for all utilities (gas, electric, telephone, water rates), council tax and television license. If there is cable or satellite television, or an alarm, check who will be paying for these. Gardens are usually the responsibility of a tenant, however some Landlords will arrange for a seasonal tidy up.

Your Landlord is required by law to supply you with a safe environment in which to live and to do basic repairs, within a reasonable time; if you have used a reputable agent they will know this. You will be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs as a result of your negligence or misuse of their property, but there should be allowance for fair wear and tear.

Castle Residential make sure all our landlords comply with safety regulations such as having a valid Gas Safety Certificate and also recommend the use of an independent inventory clerk so there are no deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy protecting both tenant and landlord.

When proceeding with an offer you will usually be asked for referencing information, proof of identity and a holding deposit to show you are serious about the offer you are making. In return you should be able to ask the agent to stop marketing the property until your offer has been considered by the Landlord.

Always get a receipt for any monies paid over and if you are giving formal notice, to your Landlord or their agent, ask for written confirmation of receipt of the notice.

Castle Residential have well trained staff and stringent procedures to make sure that we offer good quality properties and good quality landlords to all our tenants.