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Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Castle Residential have just sold my house - at a good price. I am very happy.

A few months ago it had never occurred to me to use this agent to sell my house, as although they had sold a similar property nearby I had always thought they were essentially a lettings agency.

What started by me popping in to Castle for a quick valuation, as a neighbour of mine was keen to buy our house direct, became a much better sale to a different local person, all thanks to Castle.

Many estate agents can be extremely courteous at the first meeting and then you realise it was superficial. But I found Ed and Chris remained extremely helpful and polite throughout the whole selling period, and were never 'pushy' - something I've found so many London agents can be.

There were a few awkward moments during the sales process - as always - but both Ed and Chris were there to support me and the sale in a consistently gracious way. Luck had a a role to play in the overall equation that enabled us to sell at a very good price, but Chris and Ed provided the key buyer.

Well done.


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